The seminar is held in hybrid format, in person (Múzeum krt. 4/i Room 224) and online.

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30 September (Friday) 4:15 PM  Room 224 + ONLINE
Liz Pásztor
Biological Institute, Faculty of Natural Science, Eötvös University
Explanatory structures of evolutionary theories
Although today's evolutionary biologists refer to Darwin as the father of their science, the explanatory structure of evolutionary theory has undergone radical changes over the past century. Drawing on the work of historians and my analysis of the internal logic of Darwin’s argument, I show that he considered diversification to be an essential feature of life because of his population dynamical principles. His logic and the contemporary evolutionary theories that challenge the “Modern Synthesis” developed in the middle of the last century have in common the idea that environmental feedbacks should be indispensable parts of any comprehensive theory of evolution. In the spirit of such an interpretation of Darwin's theory, I reconstruct a set of observational assumptions and a set of universal hypotheses based on their consequences, which can serve as approximations of natural laws.
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