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Science and Metaphysics

lecture course
Thursday 12:00 - 13:30   Room 221  (Múzeum krt. 4/i)
(The lectures will  be given in English. The exam can be taken in English or Hungarian.)

First lecture: February 19


The aim of the course is to clarify the role of scientific knowledge (formal sciences included) in contemporary metaphysics and in theoretical philosophy in general; and to review the most important issues common to both contemporary analytical philosophy and scientific discourse. The main topics include: events and entities; time; space; particulars; universals; properties; supervenience and reduction; similarity; identity; realism/anti-realism; abstract entities; aprioricity; necessity; contingency; chance; laws of nature; determinism/indeterminism; modal realism; causality; persistence; personal identity; free will; agency.

Preliminary, incomplete list of suggested readings (the final list will be announced soon)
  • E. J. Lowe: A Survey of Metaphysics, OUP 2002.
  • L. E. Szabó: Mathematical facts in a physicalist ontology, Parallel Processing Letters, 22 (2012) 1240009 (12 pages), DOI: 10.1142/S0129626412400099 [preprint]
  • L. E. Szabó: Formal Systems as Physical Objects: A Physicalist Account of Mathematical Truth, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 17 (2003) pp. 117 – 125 (preprint: PDF)
  • L. E. Szabó: What remains of probability?, in D. Dieks, W. Gonzalez, S. Hartmann, M. Weber, F. Stadler and T. Uebel (eds.), The Present Situation in the Philosophy of Science, Springer, forthcoming. [PDF]
  • L. E. Szabó: Objective probability-like things with and without  objective indeterminism, Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 38 (2007) 626–634 [Prepirnt (PDF)
  • L. E. Szabó:The Einstein--Podolsky--Rosen Argument and the Bell Inequalities, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2008)

Credit requirements
  • oral exam from the material of the lectures



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