Ph.D. Program in
Logic and Philosophy of Science

Logic and Philosophy of Science is a subprogram of the Ph.D. Program in Philosophy at Eötvös Loránd University Budapest. The main scope of the program is logic and formal approaches to philosophy of science, first of all philosophy of physics and mathematics. We also offer courses and research topics in the field of philosophy of language and formal semantics.
The Logic and Philosophy of Science program operates in cooperation with other Ph.D. programs in Philosophy at Eötvös University, especially with the program in Analytic Philosophy.  There is coordination and several points of connection between the two programs in the areas covered, courses offered, student supervision, and program requirements.

The Logic and Philosophy of Science program is open to both Hungarian and foreign students who hold an MA/MSc degree either in philosophy or in some other relevant field. All courses of the program are available in English. The discussion groups, seminar sessions, consultations and exams are held in English (except if all participants speak Hungarian).

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Scholarship possibilities for foreign students:
Stipendium Hungaricum
Balassi Institute
Fulbright (for US citizens)

The head of the Program: László E. Szabó

The faculty includes:

Hajnal Andréka
logic, logic and physics
Balázs Gyenis
general philosophy of science, philosophy of physics,
formal epistemology,
history of science
Zalán Gyenis
logic and model theory
Gábor Hofer-Szabó
philosophy of quantum physics, probability
Judit Madarász
logic, logic and physics
András Máté
logic, philosophy and history of mathematics
Péter Mekis
logic, formal semantics
István Németi
logic, logic and physics
Ildikó Sain
algebraic logic and logic, cylindric algebras and related algebras of relations, category theory, universal algebra
László E. Szabó formal approaches to general philosophy of science,
philosophy of physics (quantum mechanics, space-time, causality),
philosophy of mathematics
Gergely Székely
logic, logic and physics
Zsófia Zvolenszky
formal semantics, philosophy of language

Administrative coordinator:

Mónika Marlyin

Current Ph.D. Students

Zoltán Sóstai

(Problem of demarcation, Critical rationalism, Realism and antirealism)

Övge Öztürk

(Algebraic logic)

Luis Fernando Murillo

(History and Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Language, Intellectual History of Romanticism, Aristotle, Kant)

Tamás Bitai

(Philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics)

Balázs Inotai

(Logic, philosophy of mathematics)

Attila Molnár

(Algebraic logic, philosophy of logic)

Gerardo Sciarpetti

(Philosophy of physics)

Péter Juhász

(Logic + spacetime)

William Brown

(Algebraic logic)

Tibor Norbert Papp


Amitayu Banerjee

(Foundations of mathematics, set theory)

Past Ph.D. Students

Márton Gömöri


The Principle of Relativity -- An Empiricist Analysis

Supervisor: László E. Szabó

Ferenc Csatári


Measurement, Concepts, Sociology

Supervisor: László E. Szabó

Réka Markovich


Deontic Logic and Formalizing Rights

Supervisor: Zsófia Zvolenszky

Offered research topics

Hajnal Andréka
Topic: Logic and relativity theory (Logika és relativitáselmélet)

Hajnal Andréka
Topic: Cylindric Gödel-Bernays set theory, and reducibility of first
order predicate calculus to more primitive logics. (Cilindrikus
Gödel-Bernays halmazelmélet, és az elsőrendű logika visszavezethetősége
egyszerűbb logikákra.)

Gábor Hofer-Szabó
Topic: Quantum correlations and the principle of common cause (Kvantum
korrelációk és a közös ok elve)

László E. Szabó
Topic: Analytic philosophical problems in modern physics (Analitikus
filozófiai problémák a modern fizikában)

László E. Szabó
Topic: Philosophy of space and time (A tér és idő filozófiája)

László E. Szabó
Topic: Logical analysis of scientific theories (Tudományos elméletek
logikai elemzése)

László E. Szabó
Topic: Causality in the physical world (Kauzalitás a fizikai világban)

András Máté
Topic: Natural language and logic (Természetes nyelv és logika)

András Máté
Topic: Logic (Logika)

András Máté
Topic: History of logic (Logikatörténet)

András Máté
Topic: Philosophy of mathematics (Matematikafilozófia)

István Németi
Topic: Universal logic (Univerzális logika)

István Németi
Topic: Relativistic computing (Relativisztikus kiszámíthatóságelmélet)

Zvolenszky Zsófia
Topic: Meaning and context dependence (Jelentés és kontextusfüggés)

Zvolenszky Zsófia
Topic: Semantics: proper names, definite descriptions, modal
expressions, conditionals, natural kind terms (Szemantika:
tulajdonnevek, határozott leírások, modális kifejezések,
kondicionálisok, természetes fajtanevek)

Zvolenszky Zsófia
Topic: Relevance theory (Relevanciaelmélet)

Zvolenszky Zsófia
Topic: Figurative discourse: metaphor, irony (Nem-szószerinti
nyelvhasználat: metafora, irónia)

Zvolenszky Zsófia
Topic: The semantics of fictional discourse (Fikció és jelentés)


(Old Curriculum)

Offered research topics

Current Ph.D. Students

Past Ph.D. Students