Upcoming Event

1st World Logic Day

January 14, 2019

The Algebraic Logic Division of Alfred Rényi Institute of Mathematics and the Department of Logic of Eötvös Loránd University Budapest celebrate the 1st World Logic Day at the department at

4PM January 14, Room 226 (Múzeum krt 4/i)


Judit Madarász and Gergely Székely

Isotropy, principle of relativity and the possible structures for worldview transformations

Using a streamlined first-order logic axiom system centered around isotropy of space, we are going to present a characterization for all the sets of transformations that can be obtained as sets of world-view transformations corresponding to a fixed observer. We show that up to harmonizing units of measurements these sets are subsets of the Poincaré group or the Galilean group or the group of Euclidean isometries. We also show that these sets do not necessarily form groups under composition, but they can be obtained as unions of at most three cosets. If we assume the principle of relativity, then these sets form groups. Using this, we give a model for kinematics in which isotropy of space and homogeneity of space and time hold, but the principle of relativity fails.

(followed by tea and coffee)